Federal Agricultural Research Centre

The Federal Agricultural Research Centre (FAL) in Braunschweig/Germany is attached to the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture.

The Centre conducts research in the field of environmental protection, production of renewable resources and renewable energy and maintenance of natural resources. Analysis and assessment of technical innovations especially with regard to environmental and climate effects are major topics of the current research programme.

The Centre advises the Federal Government and provides the scientific basis required by agricultural and consumer protection policy.

The Institute of Technology and Biosystems Engineering is one of 11 institutes of FAL. It is engaged on biological and mechanical process engineering in the field of agricultural products, by-products and organic residues from farm and agro-industrial production. Of particular interest are technologies for converting organic raw materials and wastes into fuels and fertilizers. The main activities are directed on anaerobic digestion of wastewater, slurries, solid wastes and energy crops.


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